Étude de cas : Sunny

20th January 2012 by damien

Après sa greffe de cheveux, Sunny a subi une chirurgie réparatrice coûtant plusieurs milliers d’euros ,afin d’essayer de cacher la cicatrice.

Trente ans après, Sunny avait presque abandonné l’idée de résoudre le problème. Heureusement, la pigmentation du cuir chevelu SMP® a permis a Sunny d’obtenir l’apparence qu’il avait toujours désirée tout en camouflant la cicatrice qui lui avait causé tellement d’anxiété.


6 Responses to Étude de cas : Sunny

  1. Sunny!

    Congratulations! I am considering the MHT, and am new to the forums. I am in my initial “surfing” time period. This could happen for me in a couple or three years. I sincerely want to compliment you on your new look. Holy Cow!

    I’m not just saying this, but you look about 15 years younger with your MHT! It’s not that you don’t look good without it. But talk about a dramatic “before” and “after”!

    This worked SO well for you! You must be incredibly happy!

    Congratulations to you:-)!!!



  2. love the results. would love to make an appointment in france anytime in march. tried to call but could not reach the french office in paris. i live in germany

    antione gore

  3. please send the cost and the correct number when calling from germany. thank u

    antione gore

  4. THe strip scar before/after photo is not taken in the same position. Can please provide the after photo of the strip scar but taken at the angle similar to the before photo (that is a true rear view)


  5. Well done. Really great job!
    This studies help to decide.


  6. Can please send me or post a new pic of the “after scar photo” but this time taken at the same angle as the “before scar” photo. The two scars photos above is not taken exactly in the same angle view, unlike the other photos above.


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