Étude de cas : Ray

29th May 2012 by

Ray est un bon exemple de l’efficacité de la pigmentation du cuir chevelu SMP® pour simuler les cheveux clairs. À l’issue du traitement, Ray a maintenant une ligne frontale douce et naturelle.



10 Responses to Étude de cas : Ray

  1. hola me gustaria saver cuanto cuesta el tratamiento y si hay alguna sede en madrid

    oscar william medina

  2. Ray,
    you have just enough done . I really like that look.

    sam cerasiello

  3. I would go for just that soft look,amazing work!


  4. Have just emailed my photos off to get a quote – hopinf for a similar result as well as crown fill. That is SO natural!

    Christopher Yates

  5. Good going, Ray! Really a good look! If you don’t mind, could you please contact at my e-mail so I could ask you a few questions? I think my skin tone and hair hue is similar to yours, and I am wondering about a few things! Thanks!


  6. Hi Ray,

    Could you send me pic’s with different angles please?

    your case study is the main one that keeps me coming back to this procedure.
    Could we meet up?? I’m based in Birmingham.

    Thanks for your time



  7. Looks great! Really VERY Interested…we have similar coloring…just a few questions! LOOKS GREAT

    Lanz Babbitt

  8. Looks good, which clinic did you get this done in and whic practitioner?


  9. very good, im interesting about that , but what is the cost…

    Roberto Pena

  10. Looks fantastic, what is the cost for this proceedure and how long does it last? Thankyou.

    Michael Andrews

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